May 18, 2020


Dear Yoga Harbor Community,


We wanted to give you, as our loyal students, customers, and friends, an update of where we are today. As you know, due to the public health concern of COVID-19, we had to close our doors in March. We know many people have questions and while we want to be able to give definitive answers that stay consistent, we have unable to keep up with the constant change of information, we have already drafted this letter multiple times in the past few weeks with the influx of information.


In full transparency, the closing and time leading up to the closing with lower attendance have taken a significant toll on our financials. By the time government loans became available that we had access to, we were already operating at a loss that would be hard to recover from. While we know that Florida is opening earlier than most states with the order given that gyms can reopen, to be completely honest, we don’t know if it’s safe. We are unwilling to put our team members, our students, and ourselves at risk with such a high degree of uncertainty with the physical nature of our business. Additionally, with the self-isolation, social distancing protocols, the size of our space, additional cost for cleaning and administration, and the possibility of a second wave is not something we have a budget for with our current pricing structure if we are able to open.


Many of you were incredibly gracious and came to our aid to maintain the studio in the hopes that this would be only a short-term crisis. Thank you so much to all who maintained paying your memberships or wanted to once we put accounts on hold. For those who canceled, we completely understand the decision. Everyone’s support has meant so much to us. We feel honored that you let us into our homes, practicing as a community together through such troubling times.


Sadly, the long term effects of the pandemic are too much to recover from. We can share with you, with absolute certainty and sadness, that we are unable to open in our physical location. Everyone’s support has meant so much to us. However, after making our own personal contributions to stay afloat, we can no longer continue to operate in our physical location. This decision was not made lightly or in haste. We have weighed all of our options available to us. We are so grateful for the 3 years we had with you, taking over from when we were practicing out of that tiny space next door, growing into a vibrant supportive community.


So where do we go from here? We know that right now, people still need yoga and we will continue to operate on the digital platform as long as we are able to during the pandemic. We also know that some members of our community are also struggling and their own financial needs have changed. We are moving towards sliding scale donation-based membership packages to meet the needs of our students. Under this model, students can choose what format they want to participate in and make donations once a month for their classes.  By moving our classes online, we hope you will continue to practice with us safely from your home!


Our new membership options are:



Monthly memberships were placed on hold as of May 5 so no additional charges were incurred. The remaining balance will be placed on your online account. Students with punch passes will automatically be placed into the Full Month Membership for one month. We will continue to practice in our current format with the new site launching Wednesday, May 20.


This is all of the information we have right now. We know some of you may have questions and feel free to send them over. However, please note that it is likely to take some time for us to respond as we are still navigating these uncertain times. 


We hope you are all well and to see you online!


-Kerri and Melissa