Getting Started with Essential Oils


Chemicals….they’re everywhere. In candles, cleaning agents, makeup products, deodorants, cleaning supplies, food, clothing, they’re everywhere. But who doesn’t like products that smell nice and cleans our home?

At our first studio, we used candles and incense but needed to stop because we had students and teachers with chemical sensitivities. To help make sure all of our students felt comfortable, we started moving towards high-quality essential oils for diffusers for relaxation. As Ayurvedic practitioners, we started incorporating more customized products such as skin care to help keep us in balance. The more we started seeing the benefits of creating high-quality products, the more we wanted to share that information with our students.

Benefits of making your own products

  1. Reduce chemicals in day to day life
  2. Reduce usage of plastic and disposable item
  3. Save money
  4. Create better products
  5. Knowing exactly where your products come from
  6. Create better high-quality products
  7. Create customized products for your Ayurvedic dosha
  8. It’s fun!

While we love essential oils, what’s a challenge is there is absolutely no regulation on essential oils as an industry. One of the big chemical giants can put a potent chemical in a tiny bottle that smells like lavender and calls it an essential oil. For the studio, it was important we are selling products we love and that are safe. We chose doTerra for essential oils because it’s high quality, we know where the plants are coming from, and the company provides a plethora of education to our team members to make sure they’re being used safely.

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If you've been interested in getting a detailed plan for how to use essential oils to suit you or your family's needs, book a private consultation with one of our team members. During your consult, we will review your motivation for getting started with essential oils and what oils are the best to suit your needs and which ones are not. You will also receive education on how to use essential oils safely.

A credit card is required to book your appointment. However, individuals who purchase an enrollment kit at a discount will not be charged for their consultation.


Get Essential Oils

We carry a select amount of essential oils in the studio. However, if you’d like to receive a wholesale discount and have it delivered direct to your door, access our online doTerra store. Wholesale members also receive discounts to our Essential Oil Make and Take events, workshops, and trainings.


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