Raising Lil’ Yogis


Mommy and Me Yoga

Our Mommy and Me Yoga is more than just bring your baby to yoga. We do yoga with the babies!  We love to see the moms engage fully with their babies as it brings about a deeper bond and greater response in their little one.  Baby yoga can elicit a strong multisensory stimulation, mature neurological development, and improve the bodily functions of your baby. Besides all that scientific stuff- we have the space that can allow you, the mother, to let go of worry and quiet the mind. We practice relaxation and breathing techniques that can be done while mothering!  We practice a gentle, postnatal yoga sequence highly interactive with your little one. Sweet songs and rhymes are sprinkled throughout.

Perhaps you need time, space and support as you heal from the memory of a traumatic birth or enhance the memory of a wonderful one! To tell you the absolute truth, this class is as much about community as it is the yoga. We do the baby yoga, we do the postnatal yoga, but each class starts with a check-in.  How you feel matters! And, we are happy to listen without judgment. We are thrilled to see you mothering and parenting the way that you do it, whether you are fumbling your way through it or you’ve got it down. We encourage you to tend to your baby when they are not in the yoga mood, however that looks to you.

Mommy and Me Yoga is a 6 Week Series with the occasional drop-in class. Please go to the scheduling page for details or contact us for more information


Toddler Yoga

Once those babies start walking, parenting can get a little topsy turvy.  We love teaching the toddlers yoga because we start drawing their focus through yoga play for the child and the caregiver. We start laying down the foundation of body and breath awareness. The integral parts of yoga. Each toddler yoga class involves repetition as well as a new game, song or activity. We act out rhymes, stories, fingerplays and songs. Props are a great way to get the kids focused on their breathing with breathing balls, pinwheels, bubbles and more. At the end, we get really quiet all snuggled up and still so butterflies will land on us.

This is a special opportunity for the parent to get down and play with their little one. We find the pairs that get the most out of the classes are the parents that get down and roll around on the floor with us. Creating energy and excitement often elicits a desire to imitate movements and sounds in little ones. It’s an awesome way to bond through the various partner poses and encouragement that you give your little one.

As with all yoga for kids, we never force or pressure a child into participating. We hold no expectations during the class other than to make it the most fun possible!

Kids Yoga

As the child gains independence, yoga is a really appropriate practice to instill body confidence, mindfulness and philosophy.  Children become a bit more competitive with themselves and therefore feel accomplished when working on and mastering a pose, sometimes surprising themselves with what they are capable of! It is also a great time to introduce meditation to the children.  A large lesson of parenthood is teaching children how to cope in stressful situations. Meditation and conscious breathing exercises are tools in their toolbelt for self-managing emotions and slowing down the world around them. This may all sound pretty boring, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We introduce these tools in a really fun way that make sense for kids.

We introduce many important topics considering the children in relation to the earth and one another. Topics such as positive energy, non-violence, non-stealing, compassion, etc… We learn so much about this through partner yoga and meaningful discussion; it makes for a great social opportunity.

Overall, it’s our goal to keep the yoga fun and meaningful. There are so many fun games, stories, and activities that allow us to do just that.