A comprehensive childbirth course in Tampa Bay

Our Well-mama Partner, Dawn Herring, will be at the studio for an information packed weekend for expectant parents!

About the course:

The Empowered Births and Beginnings Weekend Childbirth Education Course allows expectant parents to complete a thorough, well-rounded childbirth education class in a weekend, saving time without compromising any of the impactful and meaningful information and group experience. 

Whether you’re looking to have a home birth, birth center birth or hospital birth, this course will leave you prepared, educated and empowered. I bring an evidence-based approach, gentle exercises, conscious breathing, and lots of #reallife conversations that are filled with oodles of love and compassion, empowering my students from day 1 to listen for what resonates and inviting them to trust their intuition.

Designed to give pregnant women and their birth partners the resources and inner confidence they need to meet the unpredictable emotional and physical challenges of labor, this course both educates AND empowers. 

Pricing and Registration

Regular Registration Fee: $250


*There are no refunds for special events or workshops. We reserve the right to cancel workshops or special events if a minimum number of participants are not met. For cancelled events, a full refund will be given.