A gratitude-themed, slow flow yoga class following by a crystal bowl meditation.

Discover what gratitude feels like on a deeper level, in a truly relaxed state. We live life, often allowing the simple pleasures to slip by unnoticed. We don't stop to appreciate the parts of our journey that make life beautiful or challenging as it happens. How would it feel be absorbed in the here and now without the distraction of the past or future? To truly feel free to discover how gratitude exists within.

With a heart-opening, spirit connecting slow flow yoga class we become intentional in breath and movement, stepping into our own experience. The second half of class will be devoted to sound healing through the use of crystal bowls. A sound bath uses sound waves to shift our brainwave state into relaxed consciousness, then to meditative, and even internal healing. Sound Therapy has been used for thousands of years amongst many cultures to bring balance to the body, reduce stress, anxiety, apathy, etc.. It is a truly accessible way for beginners and experienced individuals to enter into mediation. Simply allow the sound vibrations to take you to a deeper place to feel it through your body, not just hear it.

Pricing and Registration

Regular Registration Fee: $35 at the door, $30 in advance with code GRATEFUL19, $25 unlimited monthly members


*There are no refunds for special events or workshops. We reserve the right to cancel workshops or special events if a minimum number of participants are not met. For cancelled events, a full refund will be given.