A gathering of mothers to dream big!

Granted, being a mother is not all that we are, but it is a special part. In this workshop, we will use essential oils to set the mood and breakdown yoga poses that strengthen our roots, creativity, confidence, compassion, voice, intuition, and connection. Afterwards, we will go through an intention-setting exercise and work on carving out our vision for the future.

A vision, or dream, board can be so powerful. Through the process we get to know our desires and choose what to focus on. We visualize our dreams turning into reality - sending those messages to and preparing our brains. Placing that visual in a location that we can see everyday gives us that consistent visualization and consideration that helps to manifest our desires.

This is great for mothers in any stage of life, as well as women awaiting motherhood. Vision boards may be prepared in relation to motherhood or all that you are outside of this role. It's a chance for us to get together with other moms and start off the year with empowerment and clarity.

Materials will be provided.

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Pricing and Registration

Regular Registration Fee: $25


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