Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation technique that allows participants to get 2-4 hours worth of sleep in a 30 minute session. This science is paired with a 45 minute GENTLE FLOW for complete rest and relaxation.

Yoga Nidra


Almost every day we receive phone calls about how people are stressed and tired and their doctor tells them to come to yoga. What most doctors don't say is what type of yoga practice. While all of our classes will be helpful, Yoda Nidra will help you get the most amount of relaxation immediately in the shortest period of time. Additionally, it takes absolutely no skill, fertility, or strength at all. You just need to be able to lie do on a yoga mat.

That's right. We know, it sounds cooky-- but you just need to lie there.

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation allowing students to simply lie down and get extreme levels of rest in a 45 minute session. It's similar to meditation but not quite and for those who are worried about not being able to sit still-- don't worry we will guide you through it.

While the Yoga Nidra session will incorporate just lying there, we will do some gentle movements in advance to help move any stuck energy-- but don't sweat if you don't know the postures, it's beginner friendly and it's just to loosen up the body so no fancy postures or flexibility required.

Please register in advance so we can ensure we have enough props.

Please note, Yoga Nidra and Candlelight Flow is a special event and not included in passes, Groupons, or Memberships.

Pricing and Registration

Regular Registration Fee: $25


*There are no refunds for special events or workshops. We reserve the right to cancel workshops or special events if a minimum number of participants are not met. For cancelled events, a full refund will be given.