Yoga Teacher Mentor


Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program


After graduating a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, many graduates look for positions only to find that most places want experienced yoga teachers or there are limited options available.

As yoga teachers, we get is hard getting started. Most places want experience but how do you get experience without anyone hiring you.

As business owners, we also find it a challenge. As a studio, we only want the best for our students and that means confident teachers who can sequence classes and help our clients feel their best and understands the logistics of working in a studio, growing their classes, and helping the community. That typically only comes to teachers once they have found their voice and have the fundamentals of teaching to be able to jump in and teach any type of class.

Our yoga teacher mentorship program is an 8-week program between recent graduates, our instructors, and the studio. Each week, the instructor will be at the studio for 2 classes, participating and observing classes, asking questions, learning how yoga studios work, using essential oils to enhance their classes. and working on sequences for different class types. Each week they will meet with a senior yoga instructor online to develop solid classes that are well rounded, make sense, and that they can feel confident teaching as well as practical business advice for working within the yoga industry.

Upon successful completion of the program, the participant may host up to 4 classes in the studio for their friends, family, and other invitees to gain practical teaching experience in a more environment to help build confidence.

Our Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program is an application based process and only limited spots are available based on our current loads and schedules. The cost for the program for the 8 weeks is $175 and includes a monthly unlimited yoga pass at Yoga Harbor for 2 months, 1 weekly coaching session with a senior instructor, and an essential oils starter kit.

To apply, email us at with your resume and the following:

  • What you would like to do with your yoga teaching career.
  • What you would like to get out of the program
  • Your availability